sobota, 23. avgust 2008

petek, 22. avgust 2008

Emanuel Ungaro

On the roof of Burj Al Arab

World's most luxurious hotel in Dubai hosted a unique event back in 2005. A tennis match between Andre Agassi and Roger Federer on the hotel's heliopad on the roof, that means around 300 m in the air! There is no fence, so the balls which werent's in the court probably ended in the ocean...
Luxury at it's best.

Shar pei

Why do they grow up?

Shoe of the day

Sergio Rossi's interpretation of Dorothy's famous red shoes from the Wizard of Oz.

19 designers, the likes of Betsey Johnson, Christian Louboutin in Manolo Blahnik included, have decided to honour the 70th anniversary of the film's release by redoing the design, each in their own way. We will be able to see them in two weeks on New York fashion week, and this blog of course.

Sendhil Ramamurthy

Heroes is my favorite show. Dr. Mohinder Suresh rocks my world and deserves two pictures.

četrtek, 21. avgust 2008

Shoe of the day

Is a boot. Let's face it, fall is around the corner, waiting to dig its claws into our beloved summer, and boots are just the way to give in to colder weather.

These are called Warrior skull boots by Thomas Wylde and they cost just waaay to much. How much, you aks? 1.900 $. But they are so pretty...


Freddie Ljunberg for Calvin Klein. Try not to drool.

sreda, 20. avgust 2008

Shoe of the day

Exactly what you need for a night on the town - Mirror embellished ankle boots, Giuseppe Zanotti. A little bit of disco right on your heels.

ponedeljek, 18. avgust 2008

Shoe of the day

Faboulous ambrosina chiffon Louboutins.