četrtek, 06. november 2008

Confessions of a Shopaholic Trailer

Something just for us girls. I have high hopes for this one, I loved the book and I hope it can compare to The devil wears Prada or Sex and the city. If the acting won't, the fashion will for sure.

Shoe of the day

Rosazissimo feather shoes, Christian Louboutin. Sold out on Net-a-porter.


Cam Gigandet in a Gap ad. He is set to play a a villain vampire - in the upcoming movie Twilight, which comes out in December. What is it with bad guys in vampire movies, they are truly something special. Remember Spike from Buffy?


Drank by Ernest Hemingway during his cuban days and drank by me on every possible occasion, mojito is the world's most famous coctail. And one of the best, in my opinion.
Here is the original cuban recipe:

1 teaspoon sugar (preferably brown sugar)
Juice from 1 lime - 0.3 dcl
4 mint leaves 1 sprig of mint
Havana Club white Rum - 0.6 dcl
club soda - 0.6 dcl

Place the mint leaves into a long mojito glass and squeeze the juice from a cut lime over it. Add the sugar and a few pieces of lime, then gently smash the mint with a muddler ( though you can also use the back of a fork or spoon if one isn't available). Add ice (preferably crushed) then add the rum and stir, and top off with the club soda. Garnish with a mint sprig.

sreda, 05. november 2008

As seen on Gossip girl

I have wanted to post this dress ever since I saw it on the season finale this spring. It's a lovely summery dress and it's so nice to look at it in this cold November days as a reminder on long, sizzling days of summer. Oh, it's Ralph Lauren, if anybody wants to know.

Clutch by Lara Bohinc

Hand made leather clutch with golden details in art deco style. By Lara Bohinc, a London based slovenian designer of jewelery.

As seen on Gossip girl

It's time that I share some of my favorite picks from my favorite guilty pleasure TV show - Gossip girl. It's the first TV show since Sex and the city which truly inspires a whole generation fashionwise. This particular garment is a grecian inspired dress by Oscar de la Renta, worn by the character Serena Van Der Woodsen(Blake Lively) a few episodes ago.

Shoe of the day

Ancle boots by Louboutin. Totally my cup of tee.

Diamonds are a girls best friend

And this diamond necklace with rubys is my new best friend. Worn (and owned) by Eva Peron. Sometimes it pays to be a dictator's wife.

ponedeljek, 03. november 2008

Shoe of the day

I think I just might be in love. The kind of unhealthy, obsessive love which is not good neither for you, nor for the object of your affection. I am no usually a fan of Roberto Cavalli and we have already seen something very similar from Viktor&Rolf, but nevertheless...Fabulous! And all mine, just as soon as i scrape together 1,043.39 euros...Which might not be so soon:)

Ryan Reynolds

He looks like that AND is married to Scarlett Johansson. Some people really have it all.

nedelja, 02. november 2008

Louis Vuitton ad

I just love the marketing people behind LVMH group. They just get me. I don't really like their products (probably because after seeing Jessica Simpson with a garment, it loses all appeal that it had for me), but I just love, love, love every single ad they did for Louis Vuitton in the last few years. From Pharell to Keith Richards to the latest, featuring Sofia and Francis Ford Coppola, they are just...What's the word that I'm looking for? Classic. And classy.

sreda, 01. oktober 2008

Robert Mapplethorpe's Flowers

One of the best photographers of the 20th century, best known for his nudes - mostly male, and for his "Flowers" collection. Here's a few of my favorites.

torek, 30. september 2008

četrtek, 25. september 2008

sreda, 24. september 2008

My favorite picks from New York fashion week, Monique Lhullier

My favorite picks from New York fashion week, Carolina Herrera

How to deal with cold

In these early autumn days, Swarovski embellished earmuffs by William Sharp are just the thing to keep your ears warm. €142.62 may be a bit much for a head accessory, but can't you just imagine yourself gliding on the surface of an ice skating ring?

Syler and Nikola Burovac

I noticed a striking resemblance between the Heroes villain Syler (Zachary Quinto) and a serbian pop singer Nikola Burovac. Anyway, they are both a great sight for sore eyes.

Shoe of the day

Cute Mary-Janes in autumn colors by Pour La Victoire.

torek, 02. september 2008


Don't you think it's about time that Paul Walker makes another movie?

ponedeljek, 01. september 2008

Shoe of the day

Your daily Choo's. Cute as a button.

sobota, 23. avgust 2008

petek, 22. avgust 2008

Emanuel Ungaro

On the roof of Burj Al Arab

World's most luxurious hotel in Dubai hosted a unique event back in 2005. A tennis match between Andre Agassi and Roger Federer on the hotel's heliopad on the roof, that means around 300 m in the air! There is no fence, so the balls which werent's in the court probably ended in the ocean...
Luxury at it's best.

Shar pei

Why do they grow up?

Shoe of the day

Sergio Rossi's interpretation of Dorothy's famous red shoes from the Wizard of Oz.

19 designers, the likes of Betsey Johnson, Christian Louboutin in Manolo Blahnik included, have decided to honour the 70th anniversary of the film's release by redoing the design, each in their own way. We will be able to see them in two weeks on New York fashion week, and this blog of course.

Sendhil Ramamurthy

Heroes is my favorite show. Dr. Mohinder Suresh rocks my world and deserves two pictures.

četrtek, 21. avgust 2008

Shoe of the day

Is a boot. Let's face it, fall is around the corner, waiting to dig its claws into our beloved summer, and boots are just the way to give in to colder weather.

These are called Warrior skull boots by Thomas Wylde and they cost just waaay to much. How much, you aks? 1.900 $. But they are so pretty...


Freddie Ljunberg for Calvin Klein. Try not to drool.

sreda, 20. avgust 2008

Shoe of the day

Exactly what you need for a night on the town - Mirror embellished ankle boots, Giuseppe Zanotti. A little bit of disco right on your heels.

ponedeljek, 18. avgust 2008

Shoe of the day

Faboulous ambrosina chiffon Louboutins.

sreda, 09. julij 2008

Shoe of the day

Miss Sixty. A great example of a very, very bad design.

Heath Ledger, Eric Dane, Marat Safin

Versace Mansion

Located in the heart of Art Deco district of Miami Beach and previously owned by Gianni Versace, who was murdered on the steps of this magnificent building, this place is truly a piece of art. Versace remodeled the "house" himself with his famous patterns and designs. It is now a five star private invitation only club where many upscale parties and gatherings are held. Members pay $40,000 to join plus $3,600 annually. To stay in one of the 10 rooms runs up to $5,000 a night. The ultimate luxury.

četrtek, 03. julij 2008