četrtek, 06. november 2008


Drank by Ernest Hemingway during his cuban days and drank by me on every possible occasion, mojito is the world's most famous coctail. And one of the best, in my opinion.
Here is the original cuban recipe:

1 teaspoon sugar (preferably brown sugar)
Juice from 1 lime - 0.3 dcl
4 mint leaves 1 sprig of mint
Havana Club white Rum - 0.6 dcl
club soda - 0.6 dcl

Place the mint leaves into a long mojito glass and squeeze the juice from a cut lime over it. Add the sugar and a few pieces of lime, then gently smash the mint with a muddler ( though you can also use the back of a fork or spoon if one isn't available). Add ice (preferably crushed) then add the rum and stir, and top off with the club soda. Garnish with a mint sprig.

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