četrtek, 03. julij 2008

Nurai Island

HFeeling tired? Want to get away? In need of a little pampering? Well, an Abu Dhabi-based real estate corporation Zaya has the perfect solution. They are creating a new, over the top island resort in the Indian ocean.
The homes are situated over the water surrounding the island and include three bedrooms and four bathrooms occupying around 2000 square meters. These contemporary resort villas indulge the fortunate few with every amenity one could wish for in a home and a private beach, rooftop. Yes, you read correctly, a beach on the top of the house.
And the asking price? It starts at 30 million $.

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Carica. pravi ...

me want. that's it. me want. if possible, now.

Jack pravi ...

fuck now, yesterday would be better!