četrtek, 03. julij 2008

Shoe of the day

Loubotin's shoes, photographed by David Lynich - the ultimate shoe fetish. I can't imagine that the laws of physics would allow anyone to stand in them, but fetish isn't about comfort, is it?

‘I tried to keep an element of my drawings, to be faithful to the drawings, with no practicality, just pleasure, thinking of extreme fetish shoes. Usually when you go to the third dimension you lose something, then I wanted to photograph them - I find there’s more emotion with cinematic images. I wanted Lynch’s style and since we’d recently become friends it was natural for me to ask him.’

Christian Louboutin

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Carica. pravi ...

eeem, i'm not sure what a person is supposed to do with those, but it hurts me all around just by looking at them.